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Why Columbine?

An Independent Business

First established in 1961 we are perfectly placed to care for your best formal and casual clothing, so you can always look your best at all times. Your soft furnishings such as curtains and sofa covers will also benefit from a professional hand finish that our processes offer. Most branches offer a consistent, reliable same day service at no extra charge. If we require longer we will let you know.
We have a state of the art Shirt Laundry at the North Farm Drive-In. A daily van service visits every shop, picking up shirts so they can be expertly processed and returned to the branch for your pick up.

It is good to see a familiar face when you visit the cleaners. Most of our staff have been with us for many years & greet their regular customers by name, a most refreshing change in this age of corporate anonymity that are typical of larger organisations.

When it comes to technology we are unsurpassed. This ensures that our processes are ecologically sound. Any waste is removed by a registered contractor.

The knowledge of our long serving staff is un-matched in our industry. If the stain can be removed you can rest assured that our experts will get it for you!

With so many branches and agencies in convenient locations, as well as office collection and at your door service, you will see why we are the best choice for textile care.

Please look further around the site and you will discover why we have the tag line: Cleaners of Distinction

Industry Origins:


In spite of the name, drycleaning is not completely dry. Fluids are used in the drycleaning process. In the early days, garment scourers and dryers found several fluids that could be used as drycleaning solvents, including camphene, benzene, kerosene, and gasoline.
These fluids are all dangerously flammable, so drycleaning was a hazardous business until safer solvents were developed.

In the 1930s, percholoroethylene or perc (a nonflammable, synthetic solvent) was introduced and is used today in many drycleaning plants. Other cleaning solvents have been added, these include most predominently hydrocarbon, Green Earth and others are currently being introduced and tested.

Drycleaning is not the answer to all soil and stain removal problems. Sometimes, stains become permanently embedded in the fibre, or fabrics cannot withstand normal cleaning and stain removal procedures, or decorative trim is not compatible with drycleaning solvent. It is important that consumers as well as drycleaners read all care labels and follow the instructions.


Terms & Conditions

Owner's Risk

It's rare for us to ask you to accept 'owner's risk' on anything you leave in our care. On occasions however, we get asked to clean items that we believe may be problematic and we want to be sure that you understand the difficulties. We'll always discuss our concerns and try to pin-point exactly what risks there may be. If you still want us to proceed we'll ask you to accept the risk.

Full owner's risk means that we will not take responsibility should something go wrong. The list of things that can go wrong is endless and sometimes difficult to anticipate. So whilst we'll give you a realistic expectation of the likely outcome, we cannot be 100% sure. This may mean that a problem we didn't or couldn't foresee or didn't specifically warn you about, might happen.

We don't want things to go wrong, but if we tell you we will only clean your items on an owner's risk basis you have to have realistic expectations and expect that a problem might occur.

Full owner's risk doesn't negate our responsibility to handle the item with care and carry out the most appropriate process to achieve the best possible result.

Examples of situations when we require owner's risk:

* When there is no care label.
* When the care label gives conflicting instructions.
* When we know we have had problems in the past with similar items.
eg.: plastic piped trim/ polyurethane content in fabric/ hand painted fabrics.
* When there is evidence of wear & tear & we are concerned that the item might loose colour or fall apart in the process.
* When you have 'had a go' and then bring to us to sort the item out.

Problems can also occur when items have care labels

Occasionally problems may occur when items are processed even if they have a care label. Normally this can be attributed to a defect in manufacture of a garment, sometimes due to wear. When a manufacturer puts a care label on an item they accept responsibility that the item should be able to withstand the instructions for the reasonable lifetime of the item.

Sometimes, being human, we make mistakes. If you are disappointed with an item that we have had in our care we would ask you to:

* Return the item to the shop

Our Managers & Production staff are professionals and will do their upmost to resolve the matter. If this involves re-processing, it may mean that the situation cannot be resolved that day. If there is a clear defect in manufacture, the shop will give you a letter which you may wish to take back to the shop of purchase.

* If the shop cannot resolve the problem

or you would like the matter to be dealt with at a higher level, our shop staff will compete a form taking details of your email/postal address as well as precise and full details of the issue.

* The item will be then forwarded to our office

We will contact you within 10 working days to advise our position on the matter. If we are at fault we will ask for proof of purchase in order to determine suitable compensation based upon purchase price & age. In the absence of proof of purchase our liability will be limited to 5 times the cleaning cost.

* What can you do if you remain dissatisfied

In the event that third party advice is required we will suggest that contact is made with The Dry Cleaning Technology Centre They may recommend that an independent test is carried out to determine fault. If we are found to be responsible we will pay for the test & compensate you. DTC can be contacted via their website or by calling 01274 393286.